Individual Therapy

When confronted with challenging situations, do you tend to be emotionally reactive, increasing conflict, stress, anxiety, depression, and distress symptoms? Would you like to learn skills to cope effectively in these situations? Reach Out!

Relationships/Couples Therapy

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship! Still, it is a reasonable expectation to have one that includes ‘safety,’ security, healthy communication, the ability to resolve conflict, compromise, and fidelity. If you are seeking strategies to improve your relationship, Reach Out!

Families Therapy

The road ahead can seem confusing and intimidating when you and your immediate/blended/extended family struggle. When you seek help, it may feel like you are struggling to put the puzzle pieces together. I can hold the space for you and your loved ones to figure out the pieces in a healthier and constructive manner - Reach Out!

Supervision For Social Worker

Dayirai is an approved Clinical Social Worker Supervisor by the Alberta College of Social Workers. She provides supervision to the following individuals:-

-Provisionally Registered Social Workers Seeking Full Registration
-Social Workers Seeking Psychosocial Authorization
-Social Workers Seeking Clinical Supervision
-Social Workers Seeking Registered Clinical Social Worker Designation

Hey there! I’m Dayirai, pronounced (Dye-Rye). I am passionate about mental health care and envision a world where families practise skills and regulate their emotions together. I have provided mental wellness, coaching and consulting services to individuals, families, couples, and communities for over 12 years, and I’m living my purpose.

Journeys of Life Counselling Services Inc. was birthed out of my own individual journey through many of life’s ups and downs. Not only losing my mom but witnessing her death at the tender age of 16 changed my life forever in ways that are indescribable.

As I have journeyed through this gift called life, I figured that there are lessons to be realized, and I vowed to take what I am learning along the way and help others transform their lives on their own terms. We each have a story worth telling, and as a result, I seek to honour your story as we journey together toward insight, transformational healing, and change.

My Passion is partnering and working with you to help you navigate systems and thrive. I provide a compassionate and creative presence in attending to whatever you bring to our work together.

My Approach is respectful, authentic, ‘straight-forward’, strengths-based, recovery-oriented, solution-focused, empowering, anti-oppressive, collaborative, and non-judgmental.

I’m not afraid to talk about the hard or awkward stuff, and I’m also not afraid to let you know when you are standing in your own way. My goal is to meet you where you are and to be helpful in a way that is specific to your circumstances.

My Promise to You:

Respect: You will be treated with unconditional positive regard, compassion, a non-judgmental attitude, empathy, and trust.

Rediscover: You will rediscover your strengths and hope as you work through what brought you to therapy.

Recover: Evidence-based interventions and techniques are used to facilitate and enhance your recovery journey culturally sensitively.

Renew: Renewal is the transformation of you that enhances greater well-being and a push toward your aspirations.

Restore: Process and Progress, NOT Perfection! Be patient and kind as you Heal and Restore Yourself!

Hey there! I’m Dayirai, pronounced (Dye-Rye). I am passionate about mental health care and envisi... Read More

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